Can anyone lend me their Orange PAYG number please?

Found 4th May 2011
Hi there
Just looking to use your number to get the Orange San Francisco for £75 since noone i know/family has one!
If you can, can you please PM me the number so I can quote it to the telesales at orange.
Thanks alot!

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Good luck lol

Original Poster

yeah i know, long shot, he just wants me to quote an orange number, and i cannot find one!

I have an old one which i havent used in years, and sim still works but need to know how to find out my number before i can give it to you lol

Loads of sim's for sale on eBay for 1p

i can give u a number from an unused sim card if any use to u ?

Original Poster

its cool now thanks my friend had one!


It will be disconnected if not used in 6 months. Dial another mobile and … It will be disconnected if not used in 6 months. Dial another mobile and the number will show up on caller display.

its not disconnected yet as i can call orange and the netwrok coverage is present, i cant call anyone because theres no credz, guess op is sorted so no worries

Hi guys,
anychance anyone can lend me theirs aswell? I want to try and get a motorola flipout.
Would really appreciate this..
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