Found 20th Jan 2009
i've bought my son an iteddy,and need some new songs and videos to go on it.
tried looking on youtube,but all i get are rude ones!
can anyone post any links to some files that i could download please
(also i think they have to be converted through an mpeg/wmv/avi file aswell?)
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didnt you get the conversion software with the teddy? you can convert any childrens dvd you like to iteddy format that way.
cant get it to work(must be having a thick moment)
i just need idiot proof instructions
maybe then i can get the hang of it.lol.
cool, i saw this iTeaddy on Dragons Den 2 nights ago
Do they need to be mp4 files ?

Do they need to be mp4 files ?

yes mp4-same as ipod format.
What colour Iteddy is it? I had the pink (well my daughter did) that broke and now have the 2nd gen brown. They do actually differ, I could just drag and drop files on the pink one but the brown one has to be converted before the iteddy sees them.
Go onto Limewire and search for Mp4 files ,theres no need to convert them then. I wanted some movies for my ipod and i just put mp4 movies in the search. Plenty of kids stuff popped up but be carefull some dodgy stuff too.

cant get it to work(must be having a thick moment)i just need idiot proof … cant get it to work(must be having a thick moment)i just need idiot proof instructionsmaybe then i can get the hang of it.lol.

For converting files for it using Windows you have to be using Media Player version 11, maybe that will help
Hi, please can anyone help. I am trying to load on my sons cars movie onto his iteddy. I have converted the file but it won't go onto the iteddy, any ideas why not? It says its an AMV file??? should it be this or a different format?
how big is the file? iteddy only has 512mb internal storage.
.amv is the correct video format. what error do you get?
The size is 1kb, is that double the memory i have available by any chance? Silly me, I've read somewhere that someone put 2 movies and episodes on there iteddy without a memory card so didn't even think it wouldn't fit.

I can drag the converted file onto the iteddy but it doesn't copy onto the media player even though its showing as on there on my laptop!!

Thanks for your reply x
1k is tiny, you sure you moved the right part/converted the right part
Oh i'm so thick!! I put the dvd in and when i went onto dvd ripper thing it said pick from drop down menu but there was nothing showing except the d drive, I carried on and it split the dvd into loads of chapters!! I really don't know what i'm doing, have just tried downloading from limewire but struggling still, some formats are wrong i think. i then have just tried you tube, downloaded into my real player library, dragged in onto tummy on iteddy converter and it doesn't recognise it!! HELP!! Which converter do you use and why do i get it from?? Or will the files in my real player be somewhere else on my computer and should i drag from there??

I have now been sat with this thing for over 3 hours, its driving me mad!!! lol, thanks for your help x
oscars mummy;4174539

I have now been sat with this thing for over 3 hours, its driving me … I have now been sat with this thing for over 3 hours, its driving me mad!!! lol, thanks for your help x

awwww but it is cute and cuddly!

you could try this: iteddy.com/reg…on/
If you download from youtube with real player you then have to convert from .rm to avi as the iteddy converter don't like .rm files. If your really struggling I got quite a bit of stuff I've converted it'd take ages to upload but I'll send you a DVD with stuff on and you "should" just be able to drag and drop. What colour is the teddy, I'm (well daughter) is on 2nd one, 1st one was pink and you could drag anything on it without using the converter, 2nd is brown and have to use the converter.
we have the old ones, got 2 of the beggars!! Pink one is for the baby though, she's only 8 weeks so come the time she turns 2 I just might have worked these things out!!! Heres hoping anyway!!

We got a new one originally for Oscar for xmas, it worked fine for 1 week then broke, comp wouldn't recognise it anymore, neither would it charge!! Hence why we have new ones and Oscar wanted a white one this time so we got the old ones.

I am now gonna try to download a different converter, do you know of any good free ones??

I may take you up on your offer yet thou, i would rather work out how it works, i def need an idiots guide!!! The iteddy website is rubbish, makes it sound so easy but it just doesn't work like that!!!

Have you any tips on how the old one worked for you??

Thank you so much for all your help x
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