Can anyone reccomend a reliable UK chilli pepper website?

    Preferably one that sells either the naga viper pepper or the Bhut jolokia. Not after the sauce just the actual pepper.


    The Naga is the Pepper Don, don't know any sites but you could always try your local Asian shop, some sell it already planted for a few quid, or you could buy the packs.

    Dunno if these people can help. Or maybe try Fox's spices.

    if your near bristol go to masala bazaar in easton or any of the asian shops, thats where my mum gets them lol

    or even ask a local asian! every asian attempts to grow a naga successfully!

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    You could asking in this thread as well DG, it's about growing but they may know!

    Or grow your own!!
    T&M sell this

    Thinking on. These peppers are so dangerous that I doubt that anywhere is allowed to sell the actual pepper.
    Thinking on more .... you know that they are really dangerous don't you?

    There's a place in Dorset that has a chilli festival.
    I'll google it.
    Great Dorset Chilli festival in August
    They have a list of participants, suppliers etc.

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    Thanks for the responses. Ideally I would like to purchase a packet full already grown as I would be useless at trying it myself. I have looked around most websites but not having much luck! I will definitely call round to a few asain shops tomorrow, not bothered which they have as both sound extremely hot.

    Thanks Kingy seems they have the green jolokia, the red one is OOS

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    No nowhere near me lol.

    Thanks for that chesso. I've just contacted the south Devon chilli farm as I am not far from there, they have them listed on the website but currently out of stock so hopefully they will be back soon.

    Yes I know these things are dangerous, just want to try a little in a curry


    just want to try a little in a curry

    You'll be needing some of this too, then!

    There's a site selling dried ones? Is it just to make a curry? Won't dried do?…hot

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    There's a site selling dried ones? Is it just to make a curry? Won't … There's a site selling dried ones? Is it just to make a curry? Won't dried do?

    Ah deek,exactly what I was after!

    I tried to grow some of the Bhuts (Dorest naga?) this year... mega fail. Didn't even sprout

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    Lol unlucky. I wouldn't be much good either. To late to plant chills again now isn't it?

    Im growing Bhut Jolokia and Chocolate Bhut Jolokia, also the Dorset Naga, there doing great already, planted seed mid feb so i will hopefully get ripe pods before season ends

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    Sweet. What do you do with yours? Have you tried the jolokia before? Hot? Lol

    This will be my 1st year growing chillis from seed, all i know is, its recommended you wear goggles,mask and food gloves when preparing it im growing about 30 varietys this year.
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