Can Anyone Recomend a Good Cheap Company in Suffolk Area -( i need upvc windows & doors fitted)

    As the title says

    Can anyone recomend a good cheap company in suffolk area - i need upvc windows & doors fitted

    8 windows, 2 doors, 1 french door all in brown

    O & does anyone have an idea at how much this is going to sting me!


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    would be wary about using a cheap company as sometimes the material they use is cheap. try and go with a FENSA registered company and see if they offer a ten year warranty, to ensure peace of mind. my old man runs a double glazing firm in west london and thats the advice he has always told me to pass on.

    I looked into this last year and the main companies colleagues and neighbours has used over the last couple of years seemed to be Homestyle UK Windows Ltd and SEH - both FENSA. I went with Homestyle, I don't know whether they are the cheapest you can get - but both price quotes were pretty much the same. The Mahogany Rosewood finish adds 30% onto the price of a white finish, but was worth it. It was 7-8K I think but included twice as many windows (some v small) and a year's interest free credit at the time.


    Anglia windows cover your area :thumbsup:

    They've been going for over 40 years, so I think they'll be OK

    fensa means diddly squat when it comes to quality.

    I went with safestyle UK and the quality of the work is appaling.. I don't know whether its typical of upvc installations, but they use UPVC sheets to cover up all the horrible workmanship underneath. All they used was expanding foam and a few screws to hold my windows to the brickwork. Was one of the most traumatic times in my life seeing this work being done.

    I've got a 10 yr waranty, already called them out once as some window wouldn't close properly ..

    I think everyone I know has had problems with the national companies as the local teams can vary so much. That's why we went with a local company. When you get the whole house re-done you can still expect to have to have a few minor adjustments afterwards but it shouldn't be anything serious.
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