CAn anyone recomend a mobile, please

Found 15th Feb 2011
Can anyone recomend an unlocked or to be easily unlocked by me mobile for me . I only need it for texting and some calls, no need for smart phone or internet. I do have some sims. Do they still sell unlocked phones?
I am not a techi lady.
Thank you

Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I couldn`t work it out how to put it on here.
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did u actually read wat op wanted ?
I would recommend the Samsung Rocky E1130 or the Samsung E2370 Megacell.
Got all the normal features(E1130 doesn't have a camera), IP54 certification, great batteries and a flashlight.

Rocky is £39.95 on ebay
Item number: 160539847768

Megacell is £62.04 on ebay
Item number: 380316500858

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£17.49 altogether as it says you must buy with £10 calltime, but this is the cheapest and Argos is usually easy to get to for most people

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Tahks for that , but are they unlocked??

Tahks for that , but are they unlocked??

Not from argos I don't think.
My suggestions were.
try or e2save,plenty of phones on sales and all came unlocked.Dont forget quidco.
The Alcatel OT209 looks like a good deal at the moment, at just £10.12 including £10 Orange credit at…tml

If you find that you're only a light user, you might like to switch to ASDA , GiffGaff or IKEA Family after your initial credit runs out. These networks offer very cheap flat rates and if you get your ASDA or GiffGaff sim card via Quidco, you'll get cashback on that, too.
Thank you eatonbyweasels and the rest of you, that one is worth having if only for orange wednesday.
I can`t believe the price!! mad :-)
so are thy unlocked if you have to buy an orange or other top ups?

so are thy unlocked if you have to buy an orange or other top ups?

I can only speak from my own experience, but I've had a few phones from the Car Phone Warehouse group of online companies (which includes e2save, and Dial-a-phone) and they've all been unlocked; the company just chuck in a sim pack for whichever top-up you've selected.
Id recommend the lg540 cookie can buy it new delivered at £45! Bargain!
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