Can anyone recommend a 3rd party Switch dock please?

Posted 2nd Jun
I’m after another Switch dock for the bedroom and wondering if anyone can recommend a cheap alternative to the official dock please? Thank you
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Honestly as far as I am aware they’re all dangerous except the official one. Every time I look one up it’s just people taking the guts of the original dock and putting them into a smaller shell. The original dock is a square motherboard which can be made much smaller. You could do that I guess but the Nintendo Switch has such weird power requirements I wouldn’t risk using any third party docks unless it’s an Nintendo approved accessory
I believe the problem with 3rd party docks bricking Switch consoles was fixed quite some time ago. I don't know of any specific makes though. Could look for someone selling the official dock by itself
I bought one on eBay ages ago for less than £18 never had an issue, I don’t use it all the time as main dock but on a 2nd tv so I don’t have to keep moving original, but not had an issue..
I've got one of these, works perfectly with the Switch:…b_1
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