Can anyone recommend a case and screen protector for Lenovo A8-50 tablet?

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Found 9th Jan 2015
I found these two:…HRJ…ase

which look much the same but they seem more limited than my Mum's current Sero 7 Pro case, which has an elastic strap to keep it closed, a couple of notches in the flap for two different landscape angles and can fold back and be held comfortably in portrait, which the reviews for these suggest isn't possible.

I'm also concerned that they might block the SD/SIM slot, as my Mum might need to access the SIM quite frequently and I'm also concerned to get something that has a nice feel, as the Sero 7 Pro case does but which seems to lacking on some, otherwise well-reviewed, cases such as this…ase

Also would appreciate recommendations for a decent screen protector for it, as I got some for my Wikipad that turned out to create quite a bit of resistance when dragging fingers across, which feels awful, so I don't want to repeat that mistake. I generally prefer to get the matte ones to help reduce glare, although the A8-50 is probably no more suitable to be used in daylight than the Sero 7 Pro is. Still, you get glare indoors from lighting, etc, so I figure it's useful.



I bought this one a fee weeks ago, fits like a glove and no problems with seller…410?

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Thanks but that says it's for the S8-50 and as far as I can tell their dimensions are different:

S8-50: (W x T x H) : 4.87" x 0.31" x 8.26"…ard

A8-50: 5.35" x 0.35" x 8.54"…php

Assuming that's wrong though and it does fit the A8-50 properly, can you confirm that you can fold the flap behind the tablet and hold it comfortably in portrait mode and that the magnetic clasp doesn't lock the tablet, as I've read that in some cases it can trigger it to lock when you're trying to use it! I don't actually know if the A8-50 even has that feature though, so if it doesn't (which it hopefully doesn't, as it just sounds like a potential pain in the a**e) it's not an issue.

Still doesn't seem quite as good as the Sero 7 Pro case, which just has slots in the top flap which the body sits in to allow for a couple of different angles, whereas with this one it seems you have to fold the flap into a stand behind the body and it only has one angle. I can't seem to find anything like that for the A8-50 though, so this might be the best I can get.

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Hmm, sold out now anyway.

This looks a bit like the Sero 7 Pro case, although I'm a bit worried about how securely those clips would grip the A8-50 and it doesn't seem to mention what material it's made from, so hard to guess how it might feel:…4c9


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