Can anyone recommend a case for a PC build?

    Starting my first build and am just stuck for cases....Not sure whether to get a cheap 1 or expensive (ish) one....anyone got any recommendations?


    Without a shader of a dobut, this one:

    Ebay number:


    Dam nice case if I say so myself!



    Dam nice case if I say so myself!

    Ugly, cheap, plastic pap. Hehe :w00t:…es/ try here and find one that suits your taste, we are all different.

    Really you want something that will last a while, a few builds. So buying an expensive case isn't always a waste of money, if your going to use it for near on 10 years, bargain lol - Something with good cooling, plenty of fan mounts (120mm or bigger). Depending on how you feel, something with noise isolation, like the Fractal Design case.


    get a case that reflects whats in it, dumb to have cheap bits in a … get a case that reflects whats in it, dumb to have cheap bits in a dear/flash case and vise versa


    Also, if you are planning on overclocking the CPU significantly then you want something with plenty of airflow, but if you are just buying standard components and using them on stock speeds then you don't need anything fancy.

    I do like Cooler Master cases, and this one is great value for the money…337

    Get this:…ake :P

    But seriously ]this looks beast.

    Or get and antec 300 or similar, very good cases.

    obsidian 800d, the one i got...absolute beast of a case

    Original Poster

    cheers guys, massive help

    What size case you looking for?
    If you want to go full tower and want best cooling performance at low noise levels id go with HAF932 or the newer HAF X.
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