Can anyone recommend a cheap mobile with a decent camera 5mp/8mp?

Found 28th Jun 2009
Hi, I'm after a new mobile up to the £100 mark, and not sure what's out there in the market.

I know that the craze is for the Iphone and it's clones, so I'm hoping to buy a phone with less specs cheaply.

A radio for when I walk the dog and a decent camera are the only 2 criteria I need. I've no use for games or mp3's. I currently have a Samsung G600 with a 5MP camera, but the flash has gone on it, and as I use this phone for work it will no doubt get scratched - so fancy looks are just a bonus.

The camera is to take photos of jobs when I'm called out, so nothing less than a 5MP would be of any use to me. I'm not bothered if it's new or a refurb. Even a cashback deal (11 months free kinda thing) would do.

Can anyone give me recommendations? Even better if you've owned one for a user's perspective.

I tried to find a website to help me choose (you know like a 'which mobile suits best') type, but found nothing.

Cheers in advance.
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:)nokia n96 or n97
A decent condition N96 is about £200, N97 is way outta the OP's budget.

Beside, the image quality of N96 is not really great. N82 is the one you want. Xenon flash makes it one of the best camea centred smartphone around. You can pick one up for about £110 or something if your lucky.

How about the LG secret? It has a 5mp camera, radio, looks nice and is scratch resistent £129 ]here
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