Can anyone recommend a cheap to run, cheap printer?

    I'm looking for a cheap printer to take to uni as I'm off campus, and I dont want to rush to the library and find all the computers are in use. Only really need black and white, but a photocopier would be a bonus. There are lots of cheap printers, but normally ink is so expensive its cheaper to buy a new printer...


    Kodak are advertising on TV that their black cartridges are only £6 and I think it was £11 for one of their printers but I can't remember which one it was....sorry.

    Lexmark printers are cheap but the ink's are extortionate.. stay clear

    Tesco (larger stores) and Staples do cheap printers.

    You can get an Epson and that will take "cheap" inks.

    Epson printers are good you can use either cheap compatible cartridges or a CIS (continuos ink System).

    I think Kodak came out cheapest overall for the printer and X amount of ink compared to others

    Check out the gadget show website, im sure there is a review there.

    seen someone ask about printers earlier today - recommendation was a 2nd hand laser esp as you are not bothered about colour

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    Personally I'd be wary of 2nd hand laser printers as there are too many parts that need renewing when worn, ie drum, fuser and toner. This is particularly important for someone who is likely to print lots ie like the OP who is at uni.

    You can pick up cheap new laser printers like a Brother Hl 2030 (or similar model) and buy refill toner for about £6 / £7 of fleabay instead of a whole new toner.

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    The problem with those printers is that they are relatively huge - especially in a little student room. I've found these inks for my old Dell 720 I just found in the cupboard. Would these inks be any good?!…377…372
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