Can anyone recommend a commuter/hybrid bike?

    Budget is minimal (anywhere £150-£250+-) and I think I'd mainly be using it for commuting. From what (little) I've read a hybrid bike seems like a good option for me. Can any offer any advice or recommendations?



    I bought a Kona smoke from rutland cycles via ebay!! I can so recommend this bike, I absolutely love it

    Ebay Search Here

    If you buy direct they offer assembly for an extra tenner but then seem to charge 20 postage, might be worth calling them and seeing if you can get one assembled with free postage so 210 all in!!

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    Looks spot on! Just what I'm after. Mind if I ask how tall you are and what frame size you went for? I'm 5'10. Cheers

    Have you tried your local bike shop? They'll have a range available and any shop deserving of your cash will let you try a few out. That way, you'll learn for yourself what the options are and how size and shape affects the comfort of the bike.
    Two people the same height will not necessarily fit the same bike!

    If the price is an issue, many will have trade-ins that you can try too.
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