Can anyone recommend a crown cement please?

Found 7th Apr 2011
My friend has a crown which is loose but is between dentists at the moment. She needs a temporary solution in the meantime. Any ideas please? I know nothing at all about these.
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My fella uses Tooth-fil (too scared to go to the dentist!) But I have absolutely no idea if this works with crowns too? Sorry.

(BTW thats £3.65 ish in Asda.. On one of their little rotating stands nr the in-store chemist!)
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Super Glue +1

or non toxic epoxy...
use bongela if its paining or medijel or iglu and paracetamol
I don't think its painful just loose, all the cements I have been looking at are just temporary for a few days only. I think she was hoping for something which last a little longer.
car body filler..... then paint it any colour your like.......all the cool kids will be jeleous
my mum uses this (ebay)
cant find the other one, ill get back to you, but in her opinion you are better getting the ones you mix yourself, not the readymix stuff
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