Can anyone recommend a decent cheap gin please??

Found 30th Aug 2017
Hi all, I am going to make some sloe gin for Xmas time so I need to buy some cheap but decent tasting gin. I a man aware the better the gin the better it will taste but I am sure there must be a value type out there, maybe Aldi's or Lidl's own, or just a cheaper make?

Any recommendations would be great please, thanks a bunch (of sloe berries)!
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Aldi's Gin was rated one of the best in the world and got a gold award. It's only £10 too.
Oliver Cromwell gin from Aldi.
Goliber Crumbell frumt Alibi, verrry gooooood, hic.
deleted141188230th Aug 2017

Goliber Crumbell frumt Alibi, verrry gooooood, hic.

Haha i like what you did there
Yes Aldi, but it must be the Cromwell gin and not the cheaper version
Brilliant, Aldi Cromwell gin it I said then! Thanks so much everyone.
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