Can anyone recommend a decent cordless phone set?

    Guys, having a few problems getting a decent new cordless phone set.

    My existing BT Diverse 2110 phones have died via the batteries not holding charge now and were decent phones, but im having such problems getting a replacement set which dont have a hissing noise in the background and that have a decent loudspeaker function.

    So far ive had both a BT Freelance XD7500 twin and a BT Studio 3110 twin which had the same problems hence ive taken both back. Both reminded me of the background noise you used to get with old analogue cordless handsets lol

    My old phones had crystal clear sound, before and after trying the new ones, so its definetly not interference causing the hissing. The loudspeaker on the freelance was shocking with the person on the other end saying they could hear the hissing too.

    Any recommendations would be great, need a twin set with a loudspeaker function.



    Had much the same problem for years, have had several different models of DECT phones and not been pleased with any of them.

    Then have recently puchased a set of these phones, and we are really please with them.…rio

    Not the cheapest by any means, but as with so many things you get what you pay for.


    I'd go for my set of philips any day, they are technically dual phones as they can be used with windows messenger but I don't bother with that side, just use as nirmal phone..the best things are colour screen and awesome speaker phone, actually has a really loud speaker...Only down side is no answer machine

    it's these…8-4

    you can usually pick a new twin set on ebay for uynder £30, just search philips 433

    I have the BT Mango set and they are very good and have a good range.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the suggestions guys, really appreciate it

    If you are still looking

    BT Verve 500 twin

    Had a set of these for approx 2 years, quality reception and quality battery life.
    Batteries still holding charge the same as when they were new.
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