Can anyone recommend a decent home cinema projector? Budget around £700

    Mind keeps changing and not many places can you compare? All very confusing...

    Ive read up on epson tw5300 but reviews for 5350 are better but from what i can read its only wifi thats the difference but is that worth an extra £120+?? Then theres the optoma 141 and 142 and then someone mentioned a viewsonic pro7827hd being better then the epson? I have a 4.3m wide by 2.2m tall wall with about 4/5m distance and was looking at a 133"

    screen. Can someone be so kind to help? Im only wanting to watch movies and the ocassional footy match. I want sharp picture with good blacks and that wow feeling... Hard ask but i just dont want to waste money or be disappointed. Or should i wait?

    Thank you


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    optoma gt1080 is great for me as has short throw with 1080p. thete is a philips ultra short throw but i think only 720p.

    i paid 550 on black friday last year. think 600 normallh

    anything Optoma. I have been running an Optoma HD700X for about 10 years now and its only on its second lamp (which cost £95). It cost me £386 from Dixsons and has been the best purchase I have made in my whole life probably. Family members have had 3 or 4 Infocus and other brand projectors in that time and all have beenoutlasted by the Optoma

    Oh yeah and i use it as my primary screen for gaming etc, so its on a good 5 hours a day/night

    second that. my optima is fine during day but brilliant at night. so watch football or pokemon with my son during the day and Netflix at night. i originally had a refurbished gt720 for 150 quid from richer sounds. i had to get a new bulb for it at xmas. cost me about 60 quid from ebay for a generic bulb.

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    I've got a fair bit of room and i've reserved an epson tw5300 at richersounds.. but will check out the optoma projectors. I'm looking at getting 135" screen. watched a few youtube vids that say lcd is better that dlp, but still not sure. how does yours compare to the 141x or 142x? it's all very confusing. thanks for replying.

    hey. i cannot say how mine compares. given I didn't have much space I was only interested in a short throw one. i was browsing richer sounds after bank holiday and found they had one refurbished for 140 quid. it turns out was their gaming 720p one under a different name so cannot price match. i loved it and then wanted the 1080p version and gave the old one to my dad. i remember reading a lot of projector websites and they talk about this and that technology. but i think the conclusion was any modern good brans projector doesn't have particular problems.
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