Can anyone recommend a decent Vacum cleaner

I have had 2 hoover makes that have both blown up at 12 months old,I am out of warrenty by about 6 days would you believe, So I need a new one.

Only want to spend around £100 or would I be better off spending a bit more for a more decent one, what is everyone using ???

Old one lost suction so much after only being a week old,despite empting the filters.



You ever had a Dyson? We rate them pretty highly. I have no idea how much they are, but often see them 2nd hand at a good price and they last ages too.

one word henry
its amazing
just read the reveiws on it and get the new 2008 model and they come in under 100 plus there still made in britain and comes with lots of attachments p.s it might be the 2009 model i got mine from homebase


insist on a repair under the SOGA

a Hoover should last longer than 12 months

iv had alsorts, never got on with my dyson to be honest although it was one of the older upright models.
i have this one at the moment…114
cant recommend it enough i love it..
also i have this one which is also good and a bargain at half the price…der

Get a Henry.

Cheaper and a lot better performance than the over-rated Dysons ( I have had a Dyson)

Henry is always on offer in Homebase - currently £79.99

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I know henry is good got the old dirty one in from the garage at the moment and the suction is fantastic, was tempted to buy a nice shiny new one, My mum has a dyson ball I might have a go off, really like the idea of a 5YEAR GUARANTEE

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insist on a repair under the SOGAa Hoover should last longer than 12 … insist on a repair under the SOGAa Hoover should last longer than 12 months

cant find receipt I only have the previous receiipt that I got a refund on, then ended up buying the same one that day anyway but its no proof of purchase. Did ring the hoover helpline but they wasn't interested

Oreck, had mine year can lift up with little finget and it is so powerful

I have to say that we have had a couple of the early Dysons and they were not very reliable. However, we got a rollerball Dyson last year and it is just fab! They have clearly put effort in to improving the quality - and in my humble experience they have secceeded. The 5 year guarentee gives even more confidence.

Hope this helps!


Oreck, had mine year can lift up with little finget and it is so powerful


But expensive!

Have a Dyson DC07 - still going strong - great customer service
Also have a Hetty(cause my daughter threatened to vacuum!)

Both great machines and reliable. Had many others but keep coming back to Dyson for upright.

Did you also know that Henry was the first wet 'n' dry vacuum?
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