Can anyone recommend a full size, fully integrated dishwasher that accepts a door size of 730mm?. Thanks.

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Found 29th Sep 2016
Kitchen units were bought from Wickes if this helps?


Whats the size of the door on your current dishwasher?
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I am wanting to fit a door that is 730 mm in height.

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This is a new installation with the door panel to match the rest of the kitchen units.

The door you have is a standard size and will fit any full size integrated dishwasher. When you get the dishwasher you will be supplied with fixings and probably a template that you place on the door. Attach said fixings and then slot the door onto the dishwasher door face. Remember to fit damp strip to underside of the worktop (if wood) so your worktop doesn't become damaged by the steam overtime you open the door.

Ive just fitted a Wickes kitchen.

Its the width you have to worry about.

Mine came with instructions for different size doors depending on the size of the plinths
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I don't have a problem with the width, it's just the height as the door on the dishwasher I bought (beko 15210) will only accept a panel up to maximum 717mm. Mine.are 730mm and the dishwasher door will not lay flat when fitted.

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I only found out the maximum size of the door panel that can be fitted to this machine at the end of the instructions
By this time the machine was fitted and connected up. I don't want to buy another machine only to find the same problem. I can't find any information regarding door sizes anywhere (even the one I bought) on the internet, that's why I'm asking for help from anyone who has recently bought one and fitted a 730mm door with no problems. Thanks.

My doors were slab type so i was able to cut off the bottom of the door so it didnt catch on the plinth when the door opened flat

Argos sometimes have pdf files of the instructions on the internet

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Thanks all. After many e-mails and browsing of websites, it seems that no one knows what the maximum size of door can be fitted to machines they either sell, or manufacture?. The advice i was given was to go into an outlet and physically measure a machine on display. Not very helpful if its a web based seller, or like me you live the best part of 30 miles from the nearest large town. It seems very strange that no one has the dimensions of door panels that can be fitted to there integrated machines, especially as i found out that fitted kitchens do have a variation in the height size, and are not all of a standard. I ended up with a machine (Kenwood) that i really did not particularly want, but it was on display and i could measure it. Thanks again everyone.
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