Can anyone recommend a good (but cheapish) Ipod Touch transmitter pls?


    Im hoping someone can point me in the right direction of a decent fm transmitter so I can play my Ipod Touch in the car..

    Im not techy at all so Ive no idea really!

    I did have a Cygnett groove transmitter (it was a cradle type one) for my nano, but now I have the Touch it doesnt fit.
    I got the Cygnett off Ebay years ago for £17 and thats about what Id like to pay now.

    ..Im sure it says on the net that the Touch should only be charged via the pc(?), so should I be buying a transmitter that doesnt not have a charging function?

    If anyone can help Id really appreciate it



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    ..Its a 2G one, I forgot to add

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    Im not quite sure how I feel about using a £160 Ipod on a £5 (+£4 p&p) transmitter.. and the review of it wasnt great either!

    Thanks though

    Can anyone else, who has a 2g touch recommend anything?
    I cant seem to find clear info on the net that states which ones actually work well/fit and are compatable with the 2g?…1-1

    used this one for a good while now, fantastic. havnt looked back! defo recommend this one!

    BigLil;4836188 this one for a good while now, fantastic. havnt looked back! defo recommend this one!

    I've got one of these, but it doesn't work with the touch 2g.

    I have an AudiaX DGT-202 FM Transmitter just tried it with my itouch 2g & it's fine as it plugs into the headphone jack so will work with all ipods & mp3 players, my old (but still active) thread is here…527 I don't use it now as I have an audiolink for my car which connects my old ipod nano to my stereo permanently

    AudiaX DGT-202 FM Transmitter for any MP3 player
    Includes car charger & instructions
    Converts audio from your mp3 player's headphone jack to a high-quality stereo FM signal for crystal clear sound
    Fantastic battery life (Up to 18 hours with one AAA)
    This is the newer version of the AudiaX DGT-202 that was upgraded by adding an Auto Off Feature and is CE certified

    You can find full details & reviews here…htm

    Looking for £15 ono delivered 1st class
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