Can anyone recommend a good cheap reliable DVD/VCR recorder please?

    My mum is after one but is quite limited on budget....even skinter after my dad insisted on buying a dvd and a separate VHS player from a car boot - which would have been a bargain if they'd worked properly...d'oh.

    I've seen a Toshiba DV17 I think it was for around £100 ish, but as it's for my mum I thought I'd see if there were any other recommended ones cheaper. She's after one which can record from the TV to either DVD or VHS format and can also record from a video to a DVD.

    I read one review on a Samsung where someone had bought it under the impression that it recorded onto both formats but it didn't - which has made me slightly jumpy about placing an order until I'm 100% sure! Daren't get in my bestest babysitters bad books, lol!

    Thanks for any advice available folks,
    Best wishes


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    Thanks for that! ]This worried me a bit about - it's a bargain deal but wondered if anyone else has used them please?

    Ta again!


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    The one I'd seen was ]this one on SVP which seemed reasonable but looking at the reviews, maybe a cheap DVD and separate VHS player would be better..?

    nb it's £89.97 if you sign up to SVP via Hot Deals

    Im currently selling a Sony DVD Recorder, although doesnt have a VHS part to it, so unsure if youd be interested. I Paid £200 12 months ago, hardly used it. Looking for £70.00 Gem xxx
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