Can anyone recommend a good commercial popcorn machine?

Found 29th Nov 2017
I'm looking to buy one of these as I was going to hire for my daughter's birthday and I now have the idea to buy one and use it for additional income. I currently help friends set up party etc and now thinking about making extra money from it.

I would appreciate price estimates for a good one. Should I buy a used one.

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Can't recommend one,but the ones like an old fashioned cart seem to be what most professionals use to hire out. If you could arrange collection there's a few on Gumtree about a third of the price of a new one. Personally if you think it's a good idea buy a second hand one and then upgrade at a later date if demand is good.
Thanks Toptrumpet - that's what I was thinking of doing but I still want to try and get a good one. Read online that the Chinese ones are not good and as I am not familiar with the brands thought I would ask here in case anyone is in the business already.

Appreciate your advice.
Don't get too caught up in trying to find the best one out there, after all it's popcorn. You just need one that will heat up and cook quite quickly and looks good. After all you're going to have to sell a helluva lot of popcorn to get your money back and some.
Your main dilemma will be salt or sugar or buy two?
Best also to look into the cost of the cardboard cartons etc while you're at it.
p.s. If you could sell the rainbow colouredpopcorn that might be something different.
Toptrumpet - you are amazing. You should start a business as a business advisor! Thanks for all the tips!
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