Can anyone recommend a good compact retractable dog lead???

    Been looking around for a retractable dog lead for my Lab. Although he is a puppy I want to purchase a lead for his maximum adult weight 25-30kg.

    Alot of the leads I've seen are quite bulky as they would be for large breed dogs, however I wondered if anyone has or knows of a retractable lead thats rather compact and not too bulky to hold.

    Rep given for any good reccomendations



    take ur pooch into Pets World if u have one local branch are just fantastic. They will help u chose and you will also end up buying your dog some fab new t shirts lol........

    We were there last night and bought Haggis a black t shirt that says SECURITY she always sits in front of us like she is guarding us!!!!

    You will def get a good lead in there

    good luck!

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    My local pets at home have a really crap selection of retractable leads. I don't have a pets world near me

    are you not a dog trainer?
    or is that someone else

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    are you not a dog trainer?or is that someone else

    LOL, yes I am a dog trainer but leads are a slightly different subject and all about was you feel comfortable with! :thumbsup:
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