Can anyone recommend a good Flower Delivery company please?

Found 20th Nov 2011
Hi all,
I am looking to send someone a nice bouquet of flowers. I am in Scotland, they are in England. Could someone recommend someone they have used that were hassle free, and a fair price please?
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Don't think you can really beat Interflora.
interflora are rubbish and expensive for what you get.
I've only ever had a problem once and when I complained the person was sent another bouquet. They aren't cheap and yes, the supermarkets can give just as good quality for less but you wont get them delivering cross country.
I think Interflora are a bit expensive. I have used a Glasgow company before, but they only do local deliveries, but they were cheaper, and the flowers were much more for the price. I had hoped there was a good alternative to Interflora that someone might have used?
I prefer quality to quantity but everyone is different. You could try blooms?
Quality not quantity, I might still be in with a shout!
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Neighbour's Garden, its local and free. Best going at night though.

Free delivery and the flowers i ordered for my grandparents were really lovely
I have used

Found them pretty goood and not too expensive with lots of choice
^^ TY tigger, looks good x
bunches are really good. and deliver the next day, ive also used direct2florist, which are really good. 100% goes to the florist, rather than the middle man getting a cut. would recommend both. but highly recommend direct2florist
stop trying to steal our women

If i cant buy locally and take them round with a nice bottle of wine and my stay over kit this is my input
interflora i wouldnt recommend expensive and really poor quality flower, iflorist is ok direct2florist is what id go for failing that google local shops and pic the best one
I've used Bloomin Delightful before, reasonably priced, free delivery and 20% Quidco
Just google the area for florists where you need flowers delivered. Pay by credit card over the phone. No extra charges to pay.
Don't use serenata flowers! Their customer service was really awful - are much much better! I had lots of trouble with serenata flowers trying to change the delivery date of my flowers and it was way more hassle than it was worth!
My son sent me an arrangement, tin container, one lily some daises, two roses, some greenery, on 14/1/17. Today is 23rd. Roses already dead, four daises dead, buds falling off . It's very small. Ordered from France and must have cost over £80. Disgusting. I am filling the spaces with flowers from local supermarkets received on same day, which are still beautiful. Have treated the arrangement carefully in cool spot, putting it in cool conservatory at night, and kept it watered. Very disappointed!!
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