Can anyone recommend a good Kodi build please?

    Just installed Kodi on my amazon tv box and looking for a good build to go with it. Took a look at nemesis but having couple of issues... any other recommendations?

    Would mainly be used for kids, football and movies.



    The beast

    Brettus has a lot of good builds brettus legendary is my favourite well worth a look

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    Tanks guys. Will take a look at those. I had seen a write up on the beast but hadn't seen Brettus


    pulse is decent

    kodimaster is very good


    They do a light version specifically for the FireStick.
    A lot of these other builds are a bit bloated for the stick.
    But as you've got the box any of the builds will be fine.....
    I use it on my FireBox no problems.

    Servers are down for maintenance at the moment....
    Check [email protected]_wizardry‬ twitter feed for updates 
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    New look wookie is working well ATM on only 1GB of RAM.

    White cream is a good one

    If you are doing this on android worth having a look at Complete Kodi setup wizard in the play store as it makes things pretty simple if you aren't confident installing builds (i wouldn't know where to start!)
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    there is so many out there, and it depends what you need it for

    i used to use the tvaddons for the non tech people
    cellerdoor for people who know how to change sub menus
    old school fusion
    h20 build

    Go onto YouTube and search best kodi builds. There are loads of step by step guides.

    do like nemesis myself atm


    White cream is a good one

    I find with that build it works well for 3 minutes then I find I lose interest after that.
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    Top tutorials on YouTube has several builds all have been superb for movies/box sets can't comment on live tv/sport as don't us it for that currently using his ultraTT build

    I use this and its spot on:…tml

    There's also the 'no adult' build option
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