can anyone recommend a good quality candybar (or poss slider) phone, vodafone or unlocked, for my better half

    her SE w890i is annoying her so may buy her a little prezzy

    she's not keen on touch screens and i don't think she'd like a slider (i may be wrong though)

    either on vodafone or easily and cheaply unlocked

    anyone know any good deals and have personal experience of the phone in question.


    Pink Samsung J700 from [url][/url] @ £29.90+ £10.00 top

    all mobiles from [url][/url] Unlocked,Handset will work on any network…tml

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    Pink Samsung J700 from [url][/url] @ £29.90+ £10.00 t … Pink Samsung J700 from [url][/url] @ £29.90+ £10.00 topall mobiles from [url][/url] Unlocked,Handset will work on any network

    sorry - should have said


    (she's not a girly sort of girl - but thanks anyway, i'm busy looking at that site now)

    well i have the w595 from vodafone, and considering her previous phone is w890i, the walkmen asepct might be to her taste, its a pretty sleek slider phone
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