Can anyone recommend a hotel near Chessington please??

    going in august and need a hotel for 3 nights 2adults 2 kids

    must be baby friendly...and cheapish!

    Thanks if you can help xx


    There is a premier inn and a holiday inn right next to chessington

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    There is a premier inn and a holiday inn right next to chessington

    ive found loads and my heads spinning now...i need 2 rooms 8 people so need to keep cost down if i can hence looking for deals..but found travelodge cheap but reviews bad..tried calling them but cant get answers to my qs..

    We have stayed at both the premier inn and the holiday inn, Holday Inn is very nice and handy right at the entrance to Chessington and they also do good deals if you need to include the price of entrance to the park (especially if you know anyone with a Merlin pass as you get a discount). £70 per night before ticket price but I hear you can get 2 days in the park and a family room for £150.

    More often we stay at the Chessington Premier Inn which is a 2 minute drive from Chessington and has the Monkey Puzzle pub next door, this tends to be the cheaper option of around 60 per night for a family room

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    thanks, Scrange, will have a look..dont mind staying a drive away tho if we can get cheaper tho

    Im going down in august with the wife and kids to chessington and lego land. Got booked into a travel lodge in reading for £19 a night. Says its 20 miles away so not that far

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    thanks will look xx
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