Can anyone recommend a HPI check that is reliable?

    And cheap!


    Unfortunately you can't get a full Vehicle Check for much less than £15 - be wary of the cheap ones at £3.95 -£5.95 etc as most only tell you if they have been written off and won't include things such as Outstanding Finance, Stolen, Mileage Check etc.

    You can check mileage for yourself for free by looking at the Mot Info website:

    You will need the Reg No and either Mot Cert No or V5 doc no. to do a full check but the seller shouldn't have a problem providing the info if car is genuine.

    I can do a quick search on the' miaftr' database for you for nothing if you let me know the Reg No but it will only tell me if it has been classed as an Insurance Write Off and won't mention finance etc.

    RAC have a check which checks any outstanding finance, if its stolen, it its been in an acident etc.

    For £15.50. This is a good price imo and from a trusted source too

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