Can anyone recommend a lightweight vacuum cleaner please?

Found 19th Mar 2018
I need to buy a lightweight vacuum cleaner for someone, either cordless or with a cord.
It's going to be used on carpeted floors and there's no pets. It needs to be light to carry up and down stairs and easy to push.
Something that you push on wheel, not handheld. A traditional style of vacuum.

I'm thinking of the Gtech AirRam.

Thank you.
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Depends on your budget but I bought a Dyson V6 Total Clean as the other half is really allergic to dust and its one of the few that has a HEPA filter (I know thats not what you specified) and have to clean the house, top to bottom every day to keep the dust atbay.

Its super light, gets in all the corners and does an amazing job at cleaning. It does, however, only last 20 mins but I believe the v8 verions are 40 mins?

Hope that helps
My in-laws have the Gtech AirRam - Mk1. A couple of years old now. A good cleaner but fitting the filters can be a bit fiddly - they may have sorted this on the Mk2. Several in the family have the simpler Gtech sweepers - again not bad.

Just a few months ago we bought a Vax 32V Blade - not the type you want but I would say that it is better than all the Gtech models I have tried.…uNR The only downside is that it is a little "complex" to clean/replace the filters and if someone is not particularly handy/technical then I would say not suitable.
Bosch Athlet, cordless, lightweight but very effective.
Thank you all very much
I'll check out your suggestions... especially the horsey
Dysonv6 is very good
Oreck vacuum cleaner are good and light weight.
Dyson v6 is very good, would recommend. This is following Neurosurgery and suffering from bouts of chronic asthma. Would have not been able to hoover last few months without this. And I have a dog and cat too lol. I also bought one for my Uncle who is 91, his is easier to empty than mine but it’s something that he can manage to use while I’ve not been abl3 to help check out how easy it is to empty. Good luck
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Thank you for the additional help
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