Can anyone recommend a mail client apart from Outlook Express?

    My previous Linux netbook had a mail client that I really liked. I'm now using an XP Dell Mini 10v, with Outlook Express and I don't like it. I want a mail client that doesn't sync with my AOL account and doesn't load messages automatically when I view the inbox. I might even keep OE if I thought I could set it up with these preferences.


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    That's bloody fast and excellent! I'll have a look and I'm sure one of them will do the job nicely.

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    [FONT=Arial]]Windows Live Mail :thumbsup:[/FONT]

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    marmalade47;8566941 to email what … to email what Firefox is to web browsing

    [FONT=Verdana][COLOR=Navy]+1[/COLOR] - Several smaller clients I've dealt with in the past have used Thunderbird as they're email client plus the various add-ons for it do expand the basics in place.

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    I've decided to go with Thunderbird because it doesn't automatically load messages when I view the inbox. This is important to me because I don't want to waste my mobile broadband allowance on loading emails I don't want to look at when I'm at work etc. I can live with it sycning with my AOL account.

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    you can turn off the automatic send / receive in OE you know

    I used to use thunderbird but found it quite buggy and a nightmare to back up the data so now use OUTLOOK but live mail is very good too.

    I swear by Thunderbird. I've used it for years, with over 20 accounts setup, each one configured to exactly how I want. It's actually quite straightforward to backup when you know how.
    The easiest way being to setup the profile folder to a location on your hard drive you have easy access to (such as My Documents) and then you can just make copies of that folder whenever you want to backup. Restoring is as simple as copying that folder back in it's place.

    To use the Profile Manager I think you go on Run and type:
    thunderbird.exe -p
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