Can anyone recommend a make of memory foam pillow

Found 30th Dec 2009
I've looked at the ones in dreams which are quite expensive but i don't mind paying the money if there worth it, any ideas on the subject?
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Got ours from a market (Bovingdon Market)...£15 for 2....so comfy we went back and got some for family. I also got a mattress topper for my 17 year old son and that was £20. Just saying as not everyone trusts market sellers.
form bensons for beds - mine were called Relyon - expensive but the chap threw them in for free when i bought a bed and mattress
thanks both
I have one - bought it from Roseburys I think but i cant get on with it at all. Feels like im sleeping on a brick.
Bought a mattress topper at the same time - and thats great
dont buy, they are so hard. we dont use ours.

dont buy, they are so hard. we dont use ours.

AS above:thinking:
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