Can anyone recommend a really good indoor helicopter please?

We're after one for a good friend who is down at the mo and is spending a lot of time indoors thinking too much. He's plane/helicopter obsessed so we know it'd cheer him up as well as showing him we cared!

We're on a tight budget but figure that getting him a cheap flimsy one wouldn't be the best bet, something sturdy that he might be able to experiment hanging stuff from to fly it around etc (as you do).

All advice on it very much welcomed, it's an untapped area for me all this aviation stuff! (Husband and friend are ex RAF hence unhealthy interest, lol!)

Thanks lots for all advice on it!
Best wishes


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The site you've linked to is EXACTLY what I've been looking for for ages! Thanks so much. Saves me many an hour or two (slow pc) surfing for the best deals on stuff. I've added rep and thank you again!!!

Can anyone recommend any helicopter in partic? They all look pretty flimsy to me, ]this one at Play.com looks good but is a bit out of our budget. Does nayone have one they'd recommend for about £30 (gulp!) or less please?


type models of helicopters into utube, loads of vids for that model your looking at alone. gives you a good idea on them.:thumbsup:

Choose which one you would like, then look at: Deal Extreme, very good cheap website and everything free delivery from America, normally takes between 7 and 14 days. Ordered from them a couple of times and have been very very happy. [url]www.dealextreme.com/search.dx/search.helicopters[/url]
They are certainly the cheapest I have ever found for this sort of thing and great discounts if you buy 3 of the same thing.
Good Luck!

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Thanks so much everyone!

I had a look on Youtube and went for the Black Ghost helicopter - it's the first edition of the Bladerunner one and Bladerunner III is out now so I guess that's why it's so much cheaper.

Cheapest deal I could find was at £19.95 with Firebox, went through Quidco for 10% off and used a Firebox £5 off voucher I found on here. So it came to £17.05 around about.

Thanks again everyone, I know it'll cheer him up loads, can't wait til he gets it!! :thumbsup:
Best wishes
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