Can anyone recommend a suitable larger screen laptop please?

    Hi everyone!

    My husband is a self employed fork lift instructor, and has for the past 3 years been lugging around a portable telly/dvd player with him to show his training videos.

    He really could do with a laptop for a few reasons - to show his training films, to update his paperwork (on Word) when he's out and about and also for using the net for emails. Oh, and to save his back ;o)

    I know he can claim it back but we're on a tight budget so we're looking at the cheaper end, but with a decent guarantee. So we're avoiding private sellers and suchlike.

    Can anyone suggest a decent laptop that might be suitable? We've always had desktop pcs and so it feels a bit like entering the unknown, and the prices vary hugely don't they. :o/

    All advice would be very welcomed.

    Thanks for any help you can offer,
    Lucy xx

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