Can anyone recommend a website that sells good quality liquid for vaping?

    Finally decided to give vaping a go to stop smoking, have an EVOD 2 and am now wondering where is a good place to buy the liquid which contains nicotine. Thanks


    Have tried loads from cheap to expensive.
    Have now settled on here and it's not because of it being only £1.
    It's the best I have ever had. only ever use these, always have discount codes on their home page too on facebook

    20% off with code 20DECOFF for all of december

    I use the Titan Fluid xxxx
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    Onepoundliquid is great, very nice on flavour.

    honestly the north east vapers group has some brillant e juice makers all on facebook
    dtr vape juice( rhubarb cream soda is my fav)
    strawberry fields
    suck my juice
    everyday i'm vaping it
    all quality juice and most have offers on i know dtr is doing 100ml for £25 until xmas with free delivery
    also if you want higer vg or pg just ask and will mix to your liking and also which nic strength

    Cheap is not always best. For my liquid needs I prefer to buy from smaller businesses that make their own liquids and pride themselves on quality of ingredients - I'd hate to think what's in some of that mass produced foreign cheapo stuff tbh.

    You also need to consider what types of flavour you're looking for ie tobacco flavours or something completely away from the cigarette taste thing. I've also found that having tried a number of suppliers and mixes that some things although may taste nice don't 'feel' right and give me either heartburn or indigestion type feelings... some liquids also make me a bit wheezy when I breathe out!

    My 'go to' supplier is now Kracken E Liquids - some really innovative flavours with a good throat hit without giving me a wheezy chest. I haven't found a flavour of his that I don't like - he now does a taster pack which is great value!

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    Thank you all for taking the time to give me your recommendations and knowledge on the subject hopefully I will be successful in quitting using this method fingers crossed.

    Vape inc has loads of pipes and liquids.
    Google Vape
    Thay are based in south London.
    Free p/p on all orders,i always get my orders next day + leave feedback and you get 20% off code for next order.
    Black Friday that gave 50% off.
    I bought a £65.00 pipe for half price.
    Make sure you get a good one or you will be spending untold on alsort of bits to get a good smoke.

    Can someone guide me to a quality liquid website. I want to buy the whole package, not just liquid but the thing you need to put the liquid into. I am not familiar with these e liquid business as am not a smoker. Want to buy it for someone else in the family.

    Check there great.
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