Can anyone recommend a wireless keyboard/mouse set that has a USB receiver instead of a terminal thingy?

    Currently i have a logitech ex110 set - its ok but the wires from the receiver terminal thing are annoying me. Is there a decent cheap one (like the MX3200) that has just a usb receiver that plugs in? This would be for my laptop aswell which is why i don't want wires




    I got one from ebay about 18 months back cost about £16 with delivery...absolutely amazed how good it is for the money....9 button mouse with charging cradle, scroll on keyboard etc....when I checked around I would have paid about £80 for something with the same spec, so i would say have a look on there maybe?

    Not the same and depends on what you want & how much you want to spend but: 140239110194, 130229027994, 280234378801, 330243865873

    The keysonic keyboards seem to be fairly popular at the moment.
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