can anyone recommend a workout to start off with?

    Basically we have gym at school and i am looking to improve my muscle.
    how many push ups/ sit ups should i do a day?
    also i do a lot of cycling but i cant do running because for some reason after about 400m the back of my legs starts really hurting - ive been to the doctors on many occasions before about this but they dont know what it is... Any help on that?


    ^^ strange im the same with the cycling/running....

    Depends what muscles your trying to grow.

    I'd probably start off with some circuit training if I were you :-)

    [COLOR="Red"]Do this:

    Note: This doesn’t include warm-up sets

    **Means this is OPTIONAL**

    Workout A
    3x5 Squat
    3x5 Bench Press
    1x5 Deadlift
    **2x8 Dips (if you cant do these or no assist machine then do Decline Dumbbell Bench Press with your hands Facing each other)

    Workout B
    3x5 Squat
    3x5 Standing military press
    3x5 Pendlay or Bent Rows (or power cleans)
    **2x8 Chin-ups (recommended mainly if doing the cleans)


    Week 1:

    Monday - Workout A
    Wednesday -Workout B
    Friday - Workout A

    Week 2:

    Monday - Workout B
    Wednesday - Workout A
    Friday - Workout B

    Have a look here for some more info:…752

    BTW you also need to eat a hell of a lot of calories but not junk food etc.[/COLOR]

    Original Poster

    k, anyoen with any info about my leg problem (i wish i could do the running but cant)
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