Can anyone recommend active noise cancelling headphones from amazon

Found 8th Jan 2018
The gym is really loud and due to my tinnitus I don't want to be cranking the music up super loud to compensate and making my hearing worse.

There are SO many options on amazon (ideally amazon because of the great and easy returns policy). I am not bothered by the sound quality, I just want wireless over the ear headphones that have the BEST noise cancelling. I am hoping to spend less than £100 but would be willing to spend more for quality active noise cancelling feature.

Thanks for the help in advance.
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Maybe worth going to John Lewis or Curry's to sample them.
I purchased these a few months back, OneOdio Headphones they are as impressive as the high-end headphones, exceptionally comfortable to, similar to Bose quiet comfort quality and feel, yet look at the difference in price... there is no noise isolation switch like on some headphones, but they do isolate and block external sound very well due to the closed back design.... in fact when you go deeper in the specs as I did before purchasing these headphones you discover that the specs, tech & drivers that power these are actually superior to similar specs on headphones costing £200+, when you do go deep into the specs you certainly begin to discover that when it comes to headphones, you really are paying for brand name & reputation and as well as the tweaks companies make to the equalizer settings such as base, treble etc, which in my opinion spoil the natural (as it was designed studio quality).... people argue about purchasing clone copies of high-end products from China, but what I have discovered is you can really buy some truly amazing powerful products for an amazing price, OK I agree the longevity may not be as great, but for the money its worth a risk... As for the headphones, "Pure Amazing Sound Quality" stunning.

OneOdio Headphones
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