can anyone recommend an electric screwdriver?

    want one that bends in the middle so it can be long and straight or bent (hopefully you know what i mean) not looking to spend too much, under £30 hopefully. all help appreciated


    Do you mean a Banana?…358

    Had a couple but never really been a big fan of electric screwdrivers, by the time you've found it it's either flat or quicker to pick up a normal screwdriver by the time you've found the right bit for it.
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    the pivot180 one looks ideal but they dont sell them in our asda, in argos for £25 though. hmmm will see what others are about before deciding

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    ive found it on amazon for just under £22. could be a winner lol

    Try and get one with lithium battery if you can, ive got a little Bosch one and use it all the time its really handy

    ann summers have good ones

    sorry couldnt resist!

    Lidl have one in from the 21st October £14.99

    Lithium ion battery
    carry case
    3yr warranty
    26 bits
    3hr charge time
    led battery indicator
    led light
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