can anyone recommend any free Security downloads?

    can anyone recommend anymore free security downloads? i have the free avg so far since my mcafee expired. what free anti-spyware, anti-spam & firewall downloads are available & which are the best?

    also are any of these downloads going to be fully free like the avg? would b great if there are any.

    if not whats the best full internet security you can buy at the mo? because on pc pro website they say f-secure internet security is realy good. is it then? or is there better ones available?

    cheers if anyone can help me out.


    I can recommend Zonealarm Security Suite.

    Not free but got mine off EBAY for less than a tenner and the product update service expires in 51,961 days :-D


    apart from what you have I run the AVG latest edition 7.5, the windows firewall runs but thats on my xp pro , as for spy ware I use lavasoft ad ware 6 all free programmes. I got all my info from a cracking mag I get every two weeks webuser which will rate all the best free stuff, plus there is a section on their web site ]

    hope this helps

    Original Poster

    also whats that regcure fing on ur link @ pcperformance tools? is there anyway can u get privacy service protection & anti-abuse free aswel anywhere?



    also whats that regcure fing on ur link? can u get privacy service … also whats that regcure fing on ur link? can u get privacy service protection & anti-abuse free aswel anywhere?

    anti abuse :giggle: you can get loads of that here

    I agree with "]dog_cop" I use avast free antivirus and AddAware for spyware both are free and updated regulary with new visrus/spyware signitures.


    no dont get rid of your Avg 7.5 the other programme is a spy ware checker etc

    go here and check out no 9 spybot search and destroy…tml


    ok I have used the avg and avast and not much else and find these do the trick,just make sure you update them and run a check every week or so.

    Cant comment on the products you posted as I have never used them, best you choose whats good for your machine

    Oh just to confuse you I use startpage guard v2.52 stops anything trying to hijack your home page.

    i use avg 7.5
    sygate personal firewall
    i run a program called CCleaner (short for crap cleaner) and this makes my adaware software redundant
    the ccleaner software clears all cookies, internet files, history, typed in urls
    also sorts issue on your system like redundant files and shortcuts and will uninstall programs

    try " " have some free downloads and some you can buy and also give you reviews of them, not a bad site and worth a look. :thumbsup:

    If you want a good firewall I've always used zone alarm, never had a problem with it:thumbsup:…jsp

    I'd add SpamBayes to your arsenal if you use Outlook for emails. It's a free heuristic email scanner that gets better the more ammo you feed it, learning what words are usually in spam, and which ones are usually ham.
    If you google for it, the latest windows executable is available on sourceforge.

    I use comodo firewall free good and upgrades regulaly good strong firewall
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