Can Anyone Recommend Any Teeth Whitening Products

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Found 2nd Dec 2014
Hi, Can Anyone Recommend Any Teeth Whitening Products as I have tried various toothpastes with no added benefit.

Dentist is asking for nearly £400 for Teeth Whitening.

Thank You.


I swear by these.
I use them a couple of times a year and save the occasional 2 x pouches for a top up.

You will experience some sensitivity but I am sure you would with any decent whitening product.
You can purchase from e bay as those will be cheaper.

My partner started to use the Crest White Strips about 10 days ago and you can really see the difference. Really good product. Have a look on Amazon or Ebay for the best deals.

Pearl Drops

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Thanks, will consider all the options above.

i have used this... worked very well


iv also used bicarbonate of soda mixed with toothpaste that works well...

I will try the crest as above, but whatever, don't bother with your dentist unless willing to pay a lot of money. I had one tooth 'whitened' about 7/8 years ago and it looked no different despite spending in the region of £150!so dentist 'covered' it with an enamel and that cracked off after a few months.

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Does Crest whiten your whole teeth I mean front & back?

No, there are 2 strips, one for the top and the other for your bottom set. They are about 3/4 inches long and cover your main front teeth. The results are very good.


I think the £400 treatment suggested by the dentist is not a bad price.

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The only Crest White Strips I can find on Amazon UK are


Are these genuine?

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