Can anyone recommend Christmas Icicle Lights please?

    We want to buy some Christmas Icicle lights for outside and I notice there are mixed reviews on some of the websites. Can anyone recommend some please? A lot are around £25+ and I don't want to waste that sort of money if they're not going to be any good.



    Aldi do some decent LED icicle lights for 11.99. Might have just been a one
    -off a couple weeks back. Would be worth checking again.

    I got some LED ones from wilkos 12 quid they dont flash tho they are just static, they come in white or warm white
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    make sure you read the full details on the back of the box on whichever you buy.
    I saw some a few years ago, on the front and side of the box it said lights for inside/outside use
    on the back it said must NOT be used outside.
    got the manager to take a look and he took them all of the shelves.
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