Can anyone recommend good cricket gear for a 9 year old?

    My son has just started cricket. I need to buy him some gear, but don't have a clue what's good and what's not (not my sport really).

    Any suggestions?


    You probably cannot go wrong going to Sports Direct.
    They sell Slazenger cricket stuff quite cheap, it decent too.

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    Thx. I'll take a look.

    I f you want a bat go to a proper sports shop and they will tell you what your son needs and how to measure etc but slazenger or gun and moore (GM) stuff you can't go wrong.The club will probably have gloves, bats and pads so will probably just need whites and boots to start with .

    I've got most of my sons' stuff from Sports Direct. Think I got Slazenger trousers for a fiver in there a couple of months back. Their bats are very reasonable too...for a 9 year old you're probably looking at size 4 bat. My 8 year old has a size 4 and his 12 year old brother has size 5, so think you'd be better off with the 4.

    They got gloves, pads, cricket box and pouch pants from there too - all very reasonable and they do the wheel bags which makes life easier all round as it can all get quite heavy. The eldest has got a big slazenger bag on wheels and the youngest has got a Gunn & Moore on wheels that my sis bought him for Christmas.

    My 2 absolutely love it...this is the youngest's first summer season, he did the winter practice and is as hooked as the eldest, this is his 5th summer season.
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