Can anyone recommend me a gaming chair?

Found 3rd Apr 2009
Hi, im looking for a gaming chair, wanna spend under £100, can anyone tell me a good chair to buy (want to get some opinions from people who actually have used gaming chairs). Cause searching through the internet just brings up all these chairs which people have rated 5 stars, so i have no idea which one is better.
P.S. i have no pcworld near me to test them all out myself.
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I could do with one of those too!

I could do with one of those too!

I don't think many people have gaming chairs, as there's not that many posts about it, compared to how much i thought there would be, seeing as they're the "new must have gaming accessory"
I think the best one is the Pyramat S2000 and dixons have it at the cheapest price:…547
nice, I wonder if you would be able to carry that?
lack of room means I now can't get one but I did do a bit of hunting and I liked the looked of just getting a huge bean bag, one with bit of a back on it and a decent surround sound. I could imagine myself being comfy for hours in a long cod 4 session in them.
^ Yea i had one of them, but took up to much room and wasn't bothered to keep taking it up and downstairs when i was finished with it.

nice, I wonder if you would be able to carry that?

yea it should be easy to carry, maybe it folds, i have seen some gaming chairs that do.
i would only get one if the speakers were wireless.
The wireless version of this chair is PM440W
Not bothered about the sound etc, just want something comfy to sit close to the telly, maybe a bean bag will do?
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