Can anyone recommend me a good printer?

    Can anyone recommend me a good printer that has:

    cheap compatible inks
    is quick at printing?

    Any links would be great.

    P.S Cheaps inks is priority, can sacrifice print spped but ideally both in one printer would be great!


    we have always had epson cos inks are so cheap..we have an all in one approx £40 and i use the scanner with great results. The printer isnt used much for photos but for invoices etc..its very clear and a nice printer..also easy to use and change inks.

    Epson SX515W Wireless All In One Colour Printer, should cost around £50 mark possibly cheaper, fast avg ink prices and would defo recommend. i will post ink prices shortly :

    printer also takes Epson "Rhino" cartridges which contain 3 1/2 times more ink than the "Cheetah" versions but cost only a couple of quid more on Amazon.


    Rhino Ink Black 25.9ml
    Cheetah Ink black 7ml


    Epson page…ies
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    Epson all the way !

    Brother DCP-195C

    Just bought 2 sets of ink (8 carts) for £8 all in on ebay.


    B/W brother laser printer for around £50

    same cart used for 2 years daily.

    Another vote for Brother, I have 3 of them, cheap cartridges, no built in chip to worry about, compatible cartridges are for pennies.

    Kodak for cheap ink.


    Kodak for cheap ink.

    I hope that was intended as a joke.

    Canon Pixma iP range! Got an older iP4500 with a CIS system no need to worry about changing inks etc just top up when low!

    Brother ink is so cheap, I have a basic DCP-135c and the ink lasts forever.
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