Can anyone recommend me an E-cig that doesn't leak?

Posted 16th Jan 2017
I don't smoke, but my mum does, and has been having some pretty worrying symptoms recently (stroke related) that go away when she stops smoking. She is also in a period of extreme stress.

She did use an E-Cig thing briefly, but because it leaked into her mouth (and she was worried about carcinogens), she went back to cigarettes.

(Yes, I do see the irony in this).

I'm worried at this point that smoking is on the edge of killing or disabling her.

Can anyone recommend an e-cig/vaporiser that absolutely won't leak into her mouth under any circumstances, and is basically otherwise idiot proof.

If it means using something disposable that's fine.

I'd really appreciate some advice from someone who know's what they are talking about - it's all a mystery to me!
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I find this doesn't leak into the mouth at all, and provided not stored vertically will not leak onto battery either:…tml
I have spent hundreds of £s on tanks, mods and the like. Here are my recommendations:
BUD brand cartomizers if you use liquid - hard to find but don't leak. Or VYPE eStick (which I now use constantly) or VYPE Pebble.
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Leaking into the mouth usually means you have got liquid in the air pipe. It's easy to clear, just turn it upside down and press the button, but instead of sucking, blow very hard for a couple of seconds, a couple of times. This should stop any leaking/bubbling.

I use this one, rarely have any issues but the above soon fixes it.
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If you (cross-)post in the following thread, you may find some more recommendations:

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I would recommend a Uwell Crown as an atomiser. I've had one for over a year and no leaks. The coils are cheap and easy to replace. I'm sure someone can recommend a user friendly battery to go with it
I agree, Ive had a uwell crown that's been used heavily for a year and it's still as good as the day I bought it, no leaks, coils last 2-3 weeks with heavy usage and they're only a few quid each

I find this doesn't leak into the mouth at all, and provided not stored … I find this doesn't leak into the mouth at all, and provided not stored vertically will not leak onto battery either:

Are you trying to kill his mum?

something like that will be fine, been using mine for 6 months and never had a drop of liquid go in my mouth
all in one from totally wicked, good vape, never leaks, about £20-25 to buy, coil replacement £8.99 from Amazon for 5, battery lasts all day, easy to fill, love mine, perfect for your mum
Thanks guys. All really helpful!

I gave her some choices and she went for the Vype E-stick. I think because they are physically the most similar to cigarettes, and look hassle free.

It looks like it might be one of the more pricey options in the long run, so maybe after she has them as a back up (instead of tobacco) I might see if she can be weened over onto one of the other more economic (looking) options!

Are you trying to kill his mum?

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