Can anyone recommend me games like Prototype etc, with supernatural powers? (XBOX 360)

if ps3 Infamous is v good imo.
infa... arr he beat me to it, how about star wars unleashed. pretty good, and cheap now because of the sequal coming.
Crackdown is the obvious recommendation, it's getting a bit dated now but can be picked up cheap and still worth a play through.

Dark Sector is worth a cheap punt. sort of super power type game
batman arkham asylum can be had about tenner
if you haven't played bioshock 1/2 then i suggest you do as they are both epic games but bioshock is a first person shooter and prototype isn't.

closest game to prototype is probably crackdown 2 as the game is full of mutants/zombies like prototype and you upgrade your "supernatural powers". another game which is kinda like prototype is bionic commando which can be bought new from shopto for a mere £7.85
Star Wars: Force Unleashed has lots of special powers
on ps3 try infamos
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