can anyone recommend or not recommend any wireless printers, plus any info on cartridges will help as well.

    looking for a wireless printer any price upto £100, obviously cart prices (either original or copies are important)
    have seen the epson d120, HP c4380 and about 15 different lexmark ones as well.
    If anyone has any experience with them please let me know.
    do any of these or any others have a scanner and fax built in also?


    Leave Lexmark well alone. Epson are ok i guess, not a great fan. HP are very good, would always recommend them.

    Will look up some info in a bit for ya


    Not a wireless printer but you can use this;…e_3

    To turn most printers into a wireless printer

    i'd also go with the wireless print server. they're likely to last a lot longer than the actual printer and so if you buy the print server now, and a new printer. then when the printer outlives its usefulness you can use the print server on your next printer and so on.

    i know not wireless, but would a networked printer suit you just as well?

    The connection will be more reliable and it gives you a larger choice of printers



    ok, how easy are these to set up?

    Very easy

    Here are some instructions to set up a D Link one;…tml

    They all follow the same procedure generally

    as RedIron points out they're dead easy. most just use a web based interface (like a router does)

    i have the hp c4380 and i rate it highly its really easy to set up as you connect it via usb to your main pc to set up the connection and when you have done that the usb comes out and you just put the cd into every otehr pc that you want to connect to it.
    only downside is that compared to epson the cartridges are dear (cheapest i have found is £10 each) and the compatibles are the same price as the originals.
    also looks quite nice as well as its in white rather then the boring grey and black that you usually get


    this is a nice looking printer … this is a nice looking printer

    An Olivetti, you have got to be joking. Do NOT buy that printer, i will give you 6months-1 year and you wont find the cartridges anywhere.

    HP, possibly Canon i would recommend. Having sold various printers and office supplies for 5 years or so i can honestly say that HP were the best in terms of customer satisfaction. With regards to the point made earlier about the cost of cartridges. You will find that the HP cartridge contains a good deal more ink, and is more economical with it than other manufacturers.



    I can NOT recommend a wireless printer, if that helps :-D
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