Can anyone recommend PC game sites they buy from?

Found 4th Jan
As the title says, can anyone recommend some PC game sites they use for keys?

I use CDKeys, GMG and HumbleBundle on occasion but my poor memory has led me to forget some of the others...
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GOG - DRM free games for decent prices. And Steam, DRM games but at low prices during sales.
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I bought my first game from Windows Store today and I was pleasantly surprised by how streamlined it is. The selection isn't huge, but I'll definitely be checking to see if a game's available there in future.

I normally use GOG myself.

I used to buy from Gamersgate but they mostly sell steam keys these days and I'm not a fan of that platform. Worth a look if you don't mind it though.
G2A, Kinguin and sometimes MPGH forums if you’re lucky.
G2A, CDKeys (as you said), Fanatical (as of posting, have a HUGE Bandai discount - including games such as Tekken 7), GMG (as you said), Humblebundle, Indiegala and Kenguin.
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