Can anyone recommend record/vinyl cardboard mailers?

Posted 14th Aug 2023
Planning to sell a handful of vinyl and want to do the postage properly using those special mailer sleeves/boxes to give them the best chance of not arriving damaged, rather than bodging something myself.

Looking on eBay there are countless options and it's always hard to judge which are going to be good quality and which are flimsy thin things.

Has anyone done the same lately and got any specific recommendations which to go for? Mostly single 12"s but a few doubles, and some 7" as well.

Open to buying anywhere of course, not just eBay.
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  1. Mrcrazyman69's avatar
    Pretty sure these are the ones I bought a few months back. They fit double LPs, but when shipping single LPs you may want to wrap the record in a thin layer of bubble wrap anyway as corner damage is inevitable when shipping.

    Link (edited)
  2. mdubs's avatar
    Go for musicmax defenders rather than the envelope and stiffeners option (soundwholesale etc on ebay)
  3. Daffydills's avatar
    No expert, however if they cost abit a cheap plastic chopping board one side or both if several in a package would stop them being bent and only cost a few pence from a cheapie shop
  4. Mendoza's avatar
    I got mine from eBay ..

    I can’t tell you where from, because once again my purchase history has been deleted
  5. ashmac's avatar
    By large Jiffy bag , get old cardboard and put them either side , sent 100s like this not a single broken one

    Mailer is £1

    Proper record mailer cost a fortune when buying loads
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