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Can anyone recommend some cat food for fussy cats?

Posted 8th May 2012
My cat is being really fussy with the wet cat food at the moment.
She won't touch the felix, whiskers, gourmet (the ones with chunks, though she might nibble the fishy pate ones) and other supermarket ones. Up until a few months ago she loved them, so long as we rotated brands every few weeks, but now she sniffs it and looks at me like I've given her a pile of poo to eat.
She will happily eat freshly cooked chicken, pheasant, meaty leftovers etc. and is eating the dry food so it's not that she's off her food, just she's being fussy and stubborn. She's old so I'm happy to give in to her, so if you have any any recommendations on wet food for fussy cats it would be appreciated.
She loves the applaws food but at 90p a sachet and 4 - 5 sachets a day it'd be cheaper to cook fresh food for her.
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