Can anyone recommend some good picnic food?

    As above - stuck for ideas

    Thank you!


    egg and bacon pie

    cheese and crackers with a nice bottle of port. Or is it too early? :;-)

    Egg sandwiches - mmmmmm

    fish and chips


    christmas pudding

    Errr? slices of cured meats and sausages? Pre-cooked sausages, chicken and satay skewers.
    Smoked salmon, / mackerel, dressed crab; pre-cooked prawns (don't forget to get a lemon for squeezing). Ready-made dips, vegetarian pâtés / quiches
    SANDWICHES!!! - Hold off adding the salad ingredients until you arrive, to avoid soggy bread.

    If you're travelling further than your garden then you'll need a cool bag or cool box and ice blocks.
    If you don't have ice blocks, or to keep things extra chilled if you do, buy a bag of ice.


    Scotch eggs

    Original Poster

    For 2 adults and 2 kids - will of course be bringing sandwiches but looking for something a bit different as well

    Chicken wings, Ribs, small pies, quiche, sausage rolls, pasta, fruit,

    Quiche, tuna pasta salad, pork pies/sausagee rolls.
    Anything cooked on throwaway BBQ.

    Cellery' strips of carrots breadsticks pringles and individual dips to dip them all in

    sausage rolls?

    A Bowl Of Gritz


    Chicken satay sticks, scotch eggs, doritos + dip, sausage rolls, chicken drumsticks, cocktail sausage, fresh fruit........

    Cubed chicken , chunks of pork chop, sausage chunks, pepper slices and onion slices on skewers, glazed with a honey & mustard sauce and done on a disposable barbie.
    Serve with a medium sweet white (good ol' Liebfraumilch) and some sticky buns or fruit cocktail (fresh, not **** tinned) and a cuppa for afters.

    Then a long fester in the sunshine.


    go Italian style

    jacket spuds

    The next picnic I am going on, we are taking sushi...


    are u going to beach then? which one?

    Wraps or pitta breads filled with salad and chicken or something.
    Vegetables (cucumber sticks, carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, radish)
    Chocolate (put in the fridge for a bit so its nice and chilled)
    Cocktail sausages
    Pizza - cook and then chill
    Sausage rolls/Pasties

    Hot dogs - make the hot dogs, put in a flask to keep them warm and take buns and sauce with you

    ;-)[SIZE="4"] fresh gerbil![/SIZE]

    Original Poster

    Thanks all, some good ideas there - just come back fro Sainsbury's

    MB - not going beach tomorrow now, will do it soon on a weekend and stay over the night - we just couldn't sort out anywhere to stay at such short notice so left it.

    Think we will be going to Kew Gardens which some HUKD'ers recommended to me a while ago but I decided to leave it till the weather was nicer, like now :-D



    mmmn - if you get them to walk to the picnic spot first. But if not it makes the picnic basket a bit heavy :-D

    Mini salamis. Mini sausages. Baguettes as not as crushable and easy to break to size you want. Easy fruit such as grapes or plums/apricots. Bananas. Cherry tomatoes. Crispy lettuces are better for picnics as less likely to end up as a limp mess. UHT fuit juice cartons. If you are gonna have a full day a flask of tea/coffee is often welcome as the day wears on.

    Pork and Pickle pork pies ( the little ones in a tube).

    cook them up and cut them up into smaller bite sized pieces. excellent!
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