can anyone recommend some good ps4 games at good prices?

Found 4th May
I'm looking to get some games as I'm early anticipating my station 4. currently I've been playing old reliable ps3 odd world's oddbox which I love and I love all assassin creed an p.o.p games are my absolute favourite. I love cute platformers with puzzles but nothing too difficult n vs fight games are always good. anyway any suggestions be good ive struck a good deal n got it free. wasn't expecting to be able to afford one for a while now it's still a while before ps4 oddworld soulstorms to be released. which is what I'm really excited for.

thanks fellow game geeks bet your all laughing am poor am so excited.....


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I thought the games would be alot more expensive that looks great. I love prototype too. cheers mate.

Also look at Titanfall 2 @ Base, its gone up to £18.99 but still a great price for a great game.

If you like platformers try -!/en-gb/games/bard's-gold/cid=EP1612-CUSA04895_00-BARDSGOLDGAME000

The Infamous games are like the Prototype games, worth checking out - Second Son is the proper game, and First Light was a DLC standalone/prequel that's also worth checking out once you've finished Second Son. Goes pretty cheap in the PS Store once in a while too.

Bloodborne, FFXV, gravity rush 2,killzone, uncharted

Its weird how new game release on 2017, didnt drop in price and actually got more expensive like Nier,zero dawn,re7

How about Ratchet and Clank?

Not sure I'd class them as cute but inside and little nightmares are good, also worth checking out limbo.

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thanks to all
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